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Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Cash. We do not accept Cash App, Zelle, or Checks

Do you offer a layaway option

We currently do not offer layaway but will in the future

What is your return policy?

Due to the current COVID 19 posture, all sales are final and returns will not be accepted at this time.
Our typical return policy will recommence on January 23, 2021. Due to the nature of our business, we can only offer a 24-Hour return policy. Your receipt and attached price tag are required when returning an item. All other sales are final. Refunds are given in the original form of payment.

FAQs About Selling To Us

How does the ‘Share the Style’ process work?

Share the style is what we call selling us your items. Visit us online or in-store to schedule an appointment to sell us your items. When you arrive for your appointment, your items will be counted in front of you and you will be given time to come back to receive your payment if you accept our offer. The items will then be processed by one of our Merchandising Directors. If you accept our offer upon returning, accepted items will be inventoried and tagged for sale. Unsellable items will be donated. Donations are currently picked up by Lend A Secondhand, Inc. to go towards community causes, ministries, or disaster efforts. Items will never be trashed. Share Your Style

Do you pay me for my items on the day that I bring them to you?

Yes. Once you return to hear our offer, if you accept, cash, or store credit (if you choose) will be given to you at that time.

What if I can’t make it back to the store to retrieve my ‘No Thank You’ items or payment for the items you want to purchase?

We understand life happens If you cannot make it back to the store at the scheduled time to receive your items or payment, please call us at 757-902-1298 during our hours of operation or email us at info@secondhandstylish.com and we’ll give you 24 hours to reschedule. After 72 hours if we have not heard from you, your items will become the property of Secondhand Stylish and/or donated to Lend A Secondhand, Inc.

My items were donated, will I receive a donation receipt?

Yes, a donation receipt will be emailed to you 24 - 72 hours after your donation is received.

Do I have to have an appointment to bring items to you?

Yes. Due to the current COVID 19 posture, appointments MUST be booked online to donate or ‘share your style’. Schedule Appointment Here

How often may I make a ‘Share the Style’ appointment?

As often as you like, as long as the appointment time is available on our website.

May I choose the prices that you will put on my items?

We have a lot of experience and will use that experience to keep our prices consistent and to make the decision on how to price your items when buying them from you and placing them for sale. We do ask that you mention items that you feel were particularly expensive or unusual, and let us know if you are expecting a considerable amount of money for an item. We will let you know if your expectations are in the range of what our customers will pay.

How does Secondhand Stylish price Items?

We stay current with retail and resale competitors. All factors are taken into consideration; brand name, style, and condition, plus the areas market value of items.
We encourage your feedback with the higher priced items you bring to sell.

I know what I’m bringing, may I make my own list to give to you?

You are more than welcome to make your own list; however, it is not necessary. If you make up your own inventory list, please know that your description may not match the description that Secondhand Stylish gives to your item. Example: you may place ‘one red linen coat’ on your list; we may describe the same item as ‘maroon jacket’. If you would like an inventory list of your items, please place that request in the comments section when making your appointment. We also ask that you give us an additional 24 hours to price and sort your items. This will give our processing team sufficient time to complete the entry of your items and create the list. The small fee of $10.00 will be deducted from your earnings payment for this service.